Giganews Retention Upgrade

2003. 3. 12.

이 뉴스 항목은 6개월 이상되었습니다. 제시된 정보가 더 이상 현재 Giganews 서비스나 제공물을 반영하지 않을 수 있습니다.

<p>Giganews is pleased to announce the latest in our retention upgrades, as we continue to keep pace with the rapid growth of newsgroups.</p><p>We have completed the beta evaluation of our newest servers, which will exclusively handle some of the most popular multipart binary groups. Starting March 12, 2003, you will see an additional 6 days of retention in these newsgroups.</p><p>You will not need to make any changes to see the increased retention. The higher retention will be available to you on all Giganews servers you may wish to use. Depending on your news reader, however, you may need to retrieve all headers if you wish to see the older articles right away.</p><p>Over the next several weeks, you will also see retention increase in the remaining multipart newgroups, as a result of the new servers being in place.</p><p>The size of the newsgroups is constantly growing, often at an incredible rate. Thus far this year we have seen a 40% increase in the newsfeed during a single 30 day period.</p><p>Our engineers are already developing new, innovative ideas to address continued growth and to increase retention even further in the months and years ahead.</p><p>Giganews has always set the standard for quality that you have come to expect from a news provider. Your choice of Giganews as your news provider confirms our commitment.</p>

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