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Monday, January 27, 2014

Giganews is First Usenet Provider To Reach 2,000 Days of Retention

We're proud to announce that on January 26, Giganews became the first Usenet provider in the world to reach 2,000 days of high-quality binary retention for more than 110,000 existing newsgroups! The 2,000-day milestone, which is more than 5.5 years of retention, represents more than 25 petabytes of Usenet messages on the Giganews servers.

This is a huge feat in the industry and we are proud to be the only Usenet service that delivers the same speed and article completion across the approximately 45 billion articles with 110,000 newsgroups equally. Giganews is 50 percent bigger today than at this point last year and we continue to add servers with this kind of growth in mind.

Get a closer look at what this milestone means

We put together a fun and informative graphical representation of what 2000 days of retention looks like and what we've accomplished over the years.

View and share the infographic online

Hundreds of Terabytes of data gets uploaded to Giganews every day, and retention refers to the time that data remains on the Giganews servers and is therefore accessible to our customers. Two thousand days of retention guarantees that you can easily find and access articles that have been posted more than five years ago and text from more than 10 years ago.

We are constantly working to make Giganews the world's best Usenet service and just like our retention, we have no plans on stopping. We truly appreciate the great customers who stand behind us. Thanks for your continued support and feedback.

If you're not already a Giganews member, we invite you to sign up for a 14-day free trial.

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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Giganews Reaches 1,500 Days of Usenet Retention!

We reached another Usenet milestone today! We are the first Usenet provider in the world to offer 1,500 days of binary Usenet retention. This translates to over 4 years of binary retention and over 8.5 years of text retention. Don’t worry - we aren’t stopping at 1,500 days and will continue to grow Usenet retention everyday.

Unlike other Usenet providers, we deliver the same speed and article completion across every day of Usenet retention across all 110,000 newsgroups. Our high quality newsgroup retention is a testament to the strength of our redundant infrastructure and our team's dedication to the Giganews service and its members.

We would also like to thank all of the Giganews members that have supported us over the years. We would not be able to grow our Usenet retention without you! Thank you for your support.

We continue to provide more than Usenet service. Over the past two years, we have worked hard to deliver an impressive set of additional software and services to complement our Usenet service, including:

We also recently launched the Giganews Control Panel App for iOS and Android. The Giganews Control Panel App allows members to manage their account usage, disconnect VyprVPN connections and stay informed on Giganews updates on their iPhone, iPad or Android device.

We have more exciting services and tools coming to Giganews this fall, so stay tuned. In the meantime, enjoy our world leading Usenet retention.

To stay up to date with Giganews, please subscribe to our blog and follow us on Giganews Facebook, Giganews Twitter, Giganews YouTube Channel, and Giganews Google+.

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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Giganews Reaches Three Years of High Quality Binary Retention

Giganews continually strives to provide the world’s best Usenet and we recently became the first Usenet provider to offer 3 years of retention! Our retention grows daily and we don’t intend to stop growing retention. We also continue to provide 2971 days of text rentention and growing daily.

Not only is Giganews the world leader in retention, but we also work hard to provide high quality retention. We host every article on our own servers, and we continue to improve our self-written server code to improve speed and scalability. The Giganews team ensures we store multiple copies of every article on redundant worldwide servers. If one server detects a missing article, it automatically pulls it from another. What this means for our Giganews members is unlimited speed and zero incompletes.

As retention and Usenet traffic keep increasing, we are going to ensure we provide the longest, fastest, and highest quality retention for our Giganews members.

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Monday, May 02, 2011

Announcing 1000 Days Retention & Prize Giveaway Winners!

Today, Giganews became the first Usenet provider to ever store 1000 days of binary newsgroups retention – and we will continue to grow our retention over the coming months. Giganews customers have over nine petabytes of redundant storage at their fingertips, and every day, we add more space.

It’s one thing to offer long retention. It’s another thing to offer high-quality long retention. Some competitors claim to have long retention, but when you look closer, you see the long retention is only in some groups, older articles are slower, and many older files are incomplete.

We built our infrastructure from the ground up with a focus on scalability. That’s why, when you pull a 1000 day old article, it downloads just as fast as one posted today. You’ll find the same quality and length of retention across all 109,000+ newsgroups, not just a select number of groups.

To celebrate this milestone, we created the 1000 Days Prize Giveaway. All members were automatically entered into the giveaway. Members could earn additional entries by "Liking" us on Facebook, "Following" us on Twitter, using Mimo Usenet Browser + Search or being selected in the Top 10 Salutes.

Today, we wrapped up the contest and are excited to announce the winners.

Remember, by having an active Giganews account you were automatically entered into the giveaway, so you may have won even if you did nothing.

See if you’ve won now, and thank you to every Giganews customer for participating!

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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Our 10 Favorite Giganews Usenet Salutes

After over 4400 Salutes, and almost 25,000 votes, we've chosen our 10 favorite Salutes submitted as part of our 1000 Days Prize Giveaway. These 10 customers will each receive a T-shirt and 50 entries in our prize drawing. We'll be announcing all of the 1000 Days prize winners on our blog on May 2nd, so check back here to see if you've won!

Thank you to everyone who saluted Giganews! Over the past month, everyone here at Giganews has thoroughly enjoyed reading every Salute. We work hard to provide the best Usenet service for our customers and it feels great to read all of our customers' appreciation.

Our 10 favorite 1000 Days Salutes are:

Giganews has outlasted six computers, five girlfriends, four jobs, three rock bands,and two cars, but Giganews is still the one.
Jonathon - Columbus, Ohio

I am a Diamond member of Giganews and I honestly can say that I never have been happier with my Usenet provider as I am using Giganews. Before Giganews, my Usenet experience was littered with bad providers who just didn't get it. Giganews gets it! The retention rate is second to none, the completion is never an issue and the Mimo Browser is just icing on an already delicious piece of cake. As long as Giganews is in business, I will never use another Usenet news service!
Craig - Bloomington, Minnesota

I always go for the best things in life. Why change now?
Alexander - Norrtälje, Sweden

Seriously, how often can you reach back 2 years and grab something as fast as if it was posted yesterday or a week ago? It's why I stick with Giganews.
Loren - Manassas, Virginia

Giganews is the only company who is genuinely interested in improving Usenet, not just in it for the money. There's no other way to put it: Giganews is THE Usenet provider, not just another usenet server.
Jason - Liverpool, New York

When your harddrive cant handle the speed from the usenet client, you must be downloading from giganews.
Omar - Amsterdam, Netherlands

Quels sont les critères d'un internaute pour un service de news ? Qualité, Quantité, Prix, Rapidité, Souplesse, écoute... tout ces critère ont été réunis en seul produit : Giganews !
Cedric - Le Castellet, France

I've been with Giganews now for years and love the quality of service you provide, competitive pricing and the continued innovation like VyprVPN and Mimo. The simplicity of your Usenet service is without doubt the reason why you're a market leader instead of a follower. I look forward to another 6 years of uninterrupted and quality service from the best Usenet provider in town! :-)
Kelvin - Nelson, United Kingdom

I came to Giganews after using many of the cheaper usenet providers which simply couldn't provide the service advertised. Giganews have never let me down with missing headers and have first class support to boot! With everything you get what you pay for and Giganews is worth every penny!
Andrew - Farnborough, United Kingdom

Giganews, c'est simple, ce sont les premiers a avoir proposé une rétention hallucinante a un prix normal, a ne pas augmenter leur prix pour des raison spéculatoire, en plus leur logiciel sont simple d'utilisation et ils sont capables en plus de se remettre en question pour ameliorer leur logiciel tel que MIMO avec golden frog. En gros être Giganewser c'est être intélligent
Lucido - Bagneux, France

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Friday, August 06, 2010

7 Things Newer than the Oldest Giganews Article

Here at Giganews, we're celebrating being the first and only Usenet provider to reach 2 years of high-quality binary retention.

What 2 years of binary retention gets you:
  • 2 years of images and files
  • 10 billion+ newsgroup articles
  • Over 4,000 TB of Usenet data

Think about the things that didn't even exist when the oldest accessible binary article was posted to Giganews Usenet:
We've done a lot for the Giganews infrastructure in order to accommodate the amount of data storage necessary to continue growing our retention capacity. Learn more about retention and the Giganews infrastructure.

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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Giganews Reaches 650 days of High Quality Binary Retention

Giganews keeps on going -- today we reached 650 days of high-quality retention, and we’ll continue growing while still providing the best Usenet experience in the world. Other providers struggle in attempt to offer long-term retention because they don’t have the infrastructure and support team to handle the data, causing their systems to crash.

We are continuously focused on creating and maintaining an exceptional system that allows us to continue adding days of retention. It takes a lot of work and the right people -- we have the space, the staff, and the in-house scalable infrastructure to store and support the data and system in order to allow for growth and adjustments.

Giganews systems are built from the ground up on our own multi-redundant network of servers. The Internet doesn’t open at 8 and close at 5, so our datacenter is staffed around-the-clock to keep things up and running.

Whether an article is 6 days old or 650, you get the same high-quality completeness, availability and unlimited speed through Giganews.

Curious to learn how Giganews does it? Learn more about how Giganews works.

We are a passionate group of Usenet users with a goal of creating and providing the most efficient and satisfactory Usenet experience. Have some feedback? We want to hear from you. Join the newsgroup conversation at giganews.general or start a discussion by commenting below.

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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Giganews Hits 600 Days of High Quality Retention!

Giganews is proud to announce that we are the first Usenet provider with 600 days of retention! Giganews now provides 600 days of retention with the same high quality and service Giganews customers expect. And we’re still growing! We continue to increase retention to provide Giganews customers with the best Usenet experience available.

Why Giganews Works So Well
We do it because we’re users, too (check out the newsgroup vyprvpn.giganews to see some candid discussions with Giganews employees on VyprVPN). Customers tell us everyday how frustrated they are with other Usenet providers because of poor completion rates and incompletes, especially among older articles. No one wants to deal with that. That’s why we built our service to have the same 100% availability, completeness, and unlimited speed regardless of how old the article is.

How It Works
So how do we do it? It all starts from the bottom up by building and maintaining all the systems for our services ourselves. We don’t outsource or contract this critical aspect of our Usenet service. Instead we’ve built all of our systems ourselves – from the hardware we own, the software we wrote, and the network we built. All this leads to smooth running systems providing the best Usenet experience available today. Plus, with our full time network and datacenter operations staff, we’ve got some very experienced people who make sure the Giganews service is always up and running.

We’ve hit 600 days. 700 here we come.

Have some feedback? Let us know what you think!

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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Giganews' 200 Days Binary Retention: A Look Back

As you've probably seen plastered across every Usenet related newsgroup and forum, Giganews recently announced a storage upgrade which will increase Giganews' retention in binary newsgroups to 200 days by the end of the summer. This is in addition to Giganews currently holding text articles for more than 1400 days.

This got us thinking about Giganews' retention growth over time. Giganews has always been a leader in Usenet and one of the primary ways we offer value to our customers is through our retention. We took a look back and documented some of our retention upgrades throughout the years....

Binary Newsgroup Retention

August 2001 - 14 days
October 2002 - 15 days
December 2003 - 30 days
August 2005 - 50 days
December 2005 - 70 days
September 2006 - 90 days
February 2007 - 100 days
April 2007 - 120 days
July 2007 - 200 days

That's a 1,328% increase in retention since 2001!

As you can see, Giganews has been very busy over the years making sure we're offering the best Usenet experience possible. If you haven't already signed up for Giganews' service try out our free trial account to see for yourself why Giganews is the leader in Usenet.

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Thursday, February 01, 2007

Accurately Measuring Usenet Retention

As you may have seen, Giganews recently announced a storage upgrade which will raise our binary retention to 100 days over the next two weeks. This got me thinking about how retention is measured and reported by various Usenet servers.

Articles on a news server are commonly stored "first in / last out". What this means is that every time a new article is posted to a Usenet system the oldest article is deleted. The oldest available article on a news server is generally what defines a news server's retention.

Some Usenet systems will also apply this "first in / last out" rule based on hierarchy.

For example, Giganews does not expire any text articles so our text retention is 1300+ days. Our binary retention (based on available storage) is 100 days. This means that it takes 100 days for a newsgroup article to drop off of our servers in the binary hierarchies.

When you're discussing a news server's retention make sure you understand exactly which hierarchy you're referencing. If you see people refer to a news server's retention based on text hierarchies then chances are they're embellishing to make the news server seem better. In reality their retention in the more challenging binary hierarchies is probably much lower.

In addition to people using text retention to embellish the quality of a news server, you'll also see some Usenet systems carry long retention rates in just a handful of newsgroups. If we use our simple definition of retention— "the oldest available article on a news server"— then this would be an accurate description of that news server's retention. Of course most people aren't going to want long retention on just a handful of newsgroups, so you could consider this misleading. Many people sign up for Giganews after using other Usenet servers which advertise long retention rates but provide those retention rates in just a couple of newsgroups.

The final thing to look out for when trying to measure retention is "invalid date headers". In some newsgroups the headers of certain articles will contain the wrong date. In the beginning of this post, I said that most news servers apply a "first in / last out" rule to newsgroups and that the oldest article on a news server defines its retention. What I didn't mention is that the "first in / last out rule" is based on article numbers (number assigned to an article based on when it is posted) and not the date displayed in the headers. This means that if an article contains a date in the header older than the retention of the news server it still may appear in the newsgroup because it hasn't been purged based on its article number.

The best measure of a news server's retention is to look at the oldest article date in *many* popular binary newsgroups. This will generally give you the best idea of the news server's retention. If you notice a few groups with longer than normal retention, the news server is either hand picking certain newsgroups to misrepresent their overall retention levels or there is an article with an invalid date header.

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